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German SEO

German SEO services: conquer German markets!

Here are some of our results in German SEO taken from Google, Yahoo, from some 500 clients climbing up the search engine rankings thanks to our multilingual SEO team.

Achieve success in the German market with Activis!

Taken together Germany, Austria and Switzerland represent a German speaking market with a population over 100 million speakers!

Germany has also one of the highest internet market penetration rates in the world with 78,6%*: increasing online visibilty toward the German speaking population will give you an excellent potential to increase your ROI!

*Data source:

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Website Keyword Engine Page Position Results
Alyos Wanddekor Google 1 1 137 000
Domena dampfbügeln Yahoo DE 1 2 373 000
Dr. Mark Nussberger Lippenvergrösserung Schweiz Google 1 1 734 000
Dr. Mark Nussberger Lippenvergrößerung Schweiz Google 1 1 610 000
Extenzo Hersteller iso Google 1 1 8 120 000
Fly Möbel Google CH 1 1 42 000 000
Humard Automatisierung Produktion Google 1 5 813 000
Humard Roboter Handling Google 1 1 15 500 000
Lytron Elektronik Kühlung Google 1 4 1 010 000
Lytron Kühlplatten Google 1 1 156 000
Regionales Tourismusamt Franche-Comté Frankreich Natur Google 1 3 8 380 000
Somex Bohreinheit Google 1 3 32 000
Somex Frässpindel Google 1 3 174 000
Wildwasserpark Huningue Kanu Kajak Frankreich Google 1 1 1 070 000
Activis suchmaschinenoptimierung deutsch Google 1 1 635 000
Activis Suchmaschinenoptimierung englisch Google 1 2 218 000
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Customer testimonials

Tracey Barber

Marketing Communications Manager

Lytron was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts by two graduates of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1958. This renowned American engineering and manufacturing firm provides thermal solutions such as cold plates, chassis, chillers, cooling systems, and heat exchangers which are used in a wide range of markets, including medical and industrial lasers, aerospace, semiconductors and power generation. From its headquarters just outside Boston, Lytron has steadily extended its global reach and is now a key player in such traditional industrial countries as Germany and Japan, but also in fast-growing China.

In 2008, as the company was celebrating its 50th anniversary, it first began its search for an SEO agency that could bring together a multilingual SEO team with experts able to provide optimization recommendations in German and a native speaker of English to manage the project and coordinate with Lytron’s US based staff. “In Activis, Lytron found just the company it was looking for and the project was organized and carried off without a hitch. Lytron’s visibility on German-language search engines has been considerably enhanced since the implementation of Activis’ recommendations”, notes Tracey Barber, Lytron’s Marketing Communications Manager.

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