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Mobile SEO: gain more targeted mobility viewers to your mobile website!

What is mobile SEO all about?

Mobility is an essential feature of today's internet world. Activis has grasped the opportunity of this new medium and can assist you in your mobile SEO strategy:

  • + 260% increase in the number of connections on mobile phones in 2009
  • A third of mobile users are connecting daily


High quality and relevant Mobile SEO

The algorithms for mobile engines are far different than those reserved for the web, in this sense, websites and their ranking require adaptation.

Activis offers mobile SEO services that meets the following objectives:

  • remain visible or accessible for users on the move
  • make your trademark appear in the context of mobile internet user's research


Activis proposes to increase your company's trademark or product visibility on this channel with a specific mobile SEO.

While developing your campaign, Activis reflects the diversity of available media (wap site, application, mobile site), your field of activity and market competition along with information on the latest technological innovations.

Mobile SEO consists of optimising the content matter and specific mobile web trends (applications, geo-location ...) in order to benefit from high quality interaction on the mobile web and to generate qualified traffic to your site, boosting conversions and local conversions.


We also offer mobile websitemobile design and development. 

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